Police: Man Leaves “Unwanted Present” Inside Bryn Mawr Library Stairwell

This alleged act of criminal mischief stinks!

There are so many sophomoric jokes to be made here, but instead, we’ll just tell you that the Lower Merion Police Department is looking for the man seen in this photo for an act of what investigators are calling criminal mischief and what we are calling downright gross.

Police have released surveillance video of the suspect walking through the Ludington Library in Bryn Mawr on the afternoon of December 17th. He strolls by the shelves and through a reading area before making his way to the stairwell. Fortunately, the released footage stops before his next act, which was allegedly to defecate on the stairs. (In the video, police refer to “an unwanted present,” but we were able to obtain a confirmation of defecation. You’re welcome.)

If you recognize the suspect, unfriend him on Facebook first and foremost. Then call police at 610-645-6225 or send a tip to police@lowermerion.org.

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