Don’t Panic, But It Could Snow a Lot This Weekend

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The first big snowfall of the year could be on the way.

Sure, it snowed yesterday. And though it made for slippery conditions on the roads for a bit — especially in some of the Philadelphia suburbs — we only got more than an inch down the shore[1]. It was good for some snow angels on the boardwalk, but not much else.

Snow angels on the Boardwalk!

Thanks to Rebecca Meissler for sharing this great pic…[2]

— Wildwood 365 (@Wildwood365) January 18, 2016[3]

But this weekend’s weather could get Philadelphians breaking out the rock salt and shovels for the first time this winter. According to the long-term discussion on the National Weather Service Mt. Holly forecast[4], “a surface low and upper level trough will lift out of the Southeastern U.S. toward our region.” Though the models do not agree, most solutions “would still result in a widespread snow or rain/snow mix from Friday night into Saturday evening.

There’s still a chance the precipitation heads out to sea and we get nothing, however. The NWS’ Gary Szatkowski tweets that[5], thanks to the full moon this weekend, it will only take about a 1.5-foot storm surge to cause coastal flooding. This storm could be more than capable of doing that. So pull out your shovels and get ready; Szatkowski says the NWS could have a snowfall total forecast by Wednesday or so.

I’m sorry, did you want scary numbers instead?

Could we be facing a major snowstorm by the end of the week? @katiefehlinger[6] w/ the latest:[7][8]

— CBS Philly (@CBSPhilly) January 18, 2016[9]

Yeah. More than 17 inches of snow. That’s the stuff. Think how many cartons of eggs and loaves of bread you’ll need to get through the weekend!

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