Is It Winter Yet?

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Gonna fly now: Hayden Tomaszewski sleds down the steps of the Philadelphia Art Museum in January 2011 | Photograph by Matt Rourke, AP

Remember this? | Photograph by Matt Rourke, AP

Is it winter yet?

Technically, the coldest season started a few weeks ago, right before Christmas, but unseasonably warm temperatures[1] without a snow[2] could easily leave one confused. It felt like spring in the days leading up to that holiday.

But it’s cold today! A high of just 36 degrees is forecast. Are we in for any kind of consistently cold weather yet?

No, not really. Accuweather[3] is forecasting a warming to the 40s tomorrow, highs in the 30s on Wednesday and Thursday, then warming through the weekend before settling back into the 30s again next week.

Then again: Accuweather says the average high in Philly this week[4] will be 40 degrees. In fact, that’s the usual monthly average high for the city during the month of January, according to U.S. Climate Data,[5] and January tends to be the coldest month of the year here.

So really, this is a pretty average January — snow excepted — for Philadelphia. If it seems still warm, well: No snow or ice means it might not feel as bad as it would otherwise — and, well, the absolutely frozen winters of 2014 and 2015[6] might’ve made this relatively balmy season seem even warmer than it should.

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