Tense Police Incident at Hospital Where Wounded Cop Is Being Treated

A man allegedly went for a cop's gun on Saturday night.


On Saturday night around 10:42 p.m., chaos broke out inside Penn Presbyterian Medical Center, the hospital where Philadelphia Police Officer Jesse Hartnett is recovering after being shot inside his patrol car on Thursday night. Police say this incident is unrelated to that shooting.

According to police, a cop stationed at the hospital was entering the facility when a man approached him asking for money. “I’m hungry,” the man told the cop, according to a police statement about the incident. “I haven’t eaten in five days. Do you have any money to spare?” Police say that the cop gave the man $5 and then continued into the hospital.

Later, say police, the man accosted the same cop at the emergency room entrance and tried to take his gun, which was holstered. The cop felt the movement at his waist and quickly turned around. A struggle ensued, and other Philly cops and members of Penn’s security team came in to assist. After the suspect was taken into custody, he allegedly told investigators that he needed the gun so that he could rob a store.

Police say that the cop escaped the struggle unscathed, and the suspect has only a small injury to his face. Cops haven’t released the identity of the suspect or the specific charges at this time. He is described only as a 40-year-old black male.

“This incident was not related to the recent shooting of Officer Hartnett in any way,” said the department in its statement. “However this is an example of the type of individuals that our officers face daily when performing their duties as Philadelphia Police Officers. We are pleased with how this officer handled himself during this incident and the quick response by hospital security, Penn police and Philadelphia police.”

Video of the incident appears below:

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