The 38 Best Local News Screenshots of 2015

From the Pope to Patti's Pies, from sleeping cops to giant inflatable ducks, these are the best freeze-frame moments of Philadelphia local TV news in the past year.

gardner-2 copy

The local TV news is great.

I am not exaggerating in any way. The local news — any channel, any time — is one of my favorite programs. In 2015, I easily watched hundreds of hours of local news. Like I did last year, I compiled some of my favorite freeze-frame moments of the last year, presented without comment. Enjoy!

amtrak copy

okafors-troubles copy

groom-to-be copy

burritos-of-yardley copy

eagles-superfan copy

sink copy

vinyl-music-fan copy

former-member copy

cosby copy


ad copy


fiblert-street copy

charging-for-bags copy

action-news-aretha copy

fray copy


goretti-body copy

papal-selfie copy

pope-marky copy

pope8 copy

pope8-1 copy

letterman-cbs3 copy

trump-tonybaloneys copy

infant copy

jimkenny-effing copy

kitten-mic copy

marley-the-puppy-cat copy


pattis-pies copy

pizza-shop-theft copy


teen-wallet copy


wedding-libertyone-1 copy

wedding-libertyone-2 copy

duck-delaware copy

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