The Astounding Arrogance of Chip Kelly and Pat Shurmur

The Eagles head coach and his "offensive coordinator" must think Eagles fans are stupid. How else to explain the things they'd have us believe about the state of the team?

Photos | Jeff Fusco

Pat Shurmur and Chip Kelly. Photos | Jeff Fusco

The hold Chip Kelly had on the sports fans of Philadelphia has become weaker than the grip of a grandmother.

Part of it is Chip’s arrogance in press conferences, which he apparently doesn’t understand projects mightily to his fan base. But most of it is the coaching. Kelly’s team going into Sunday’s home game with Tampa Bay is 4-5. With a win over the Buccaneers on Sunday, the Birds would actually be leading the NFC East (tied with the Giants but ahead on the tiebreaker protocol). But the fan base here has abandoned this coach like the GOP abandoned Bobby Jindal.

Face it, his coaching hasn’t been stellar, to say nothing of his personnel management. His press conference comments are insulting to any fan with half a brain. Riley Cooper has been open? Our outside receivers haven’t been a detriment and we have enough talent there to win?

And it’s even rubbed off to his offensive coordinator, Pat Shurmur. Shurmur is like Lt. Weinberg from the movie A Few Good Men. He has absolutely no responsibility whatsoever? Think about it, what exactly does Pat Shurmur do? Kelly is the de facto offensive coordinator and Kelly calls all the plays on game day. So what is Shurmur’s purpose? To get the head coach coffee.

And yet the other day, the supposed offensive coordinator manage to piss off more of the fan base (if that was remotely possible), by publishing his thoughts on the subject of the Eagles not being able to get their outside wide receivers, the Josh Huffs, the Miles Austins, the Riley Coopers and the Nelson Agholors into the offensive game plan.

Shurmur had the balls to say this: “Well, there’s this team in New England that throws the ball a lot inside and I don’t think you’ll hear anybody complain about that,” he said.


Did Pat Shurmur actually try to compare the Eagles’ situation to a team that has managed to win multiple Super Bowls? Did Shurmur not have the courage to admit that the quarterback who runs that New England system might be the best QB of all time? I don’t want to rip the writers and bloggers who cover the Eagles on an every day basis, but is there somebody out there who could have said, “Pat, are you fucking kidding me with that comparison?”

Eagles coaches think we’re stupid. But this just in, we’re not, Pat. We see the ridiculousness in your statements and whether you were just parroting what Chip wanted you to say, you still come off as a goof.

Go back to getting him coffee. You’d be better off.

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