Porn Star Sues Josh Duggar for Alleged Assault in Philadelphia

Danica Dillon alleges she "felt as if she were being raped" during an encounter with the disgraced reality TV star at the DoubleTree Hotel.


In a lawsuit filed today in Philadelphia, adult actress Danica Dillon alleges that she “felt as if she were being raped” by Josh Duggar after a March appearance at a Center City strip club.

Philly attorney Marc J. Frumer filed suit today on behalf of Dillon, who has starred in such films as This Ain’t Avatar XXX, among many other titles. Dillion first told her story to In Touch Weekly in August.

Josh, the oldest of the Duggar children, starred with his parents and siblings on the TLC TV show 19 Kids and Counting from its debut in 2008. The show was canceled this May after In Touch obtained a police report in which Josh’s father, Jim Bob Duggar, said Josh had confessed to molesting five underage girls when he was a young teenager. He later said he “acted inexcusably, for which I am extremely sorry and deeply regret.”

He was later revealed to have a paid Ashley Madison account after that website’s database was breached, and subsequently went to rehab.

The lawsuit alleges that Duggar first met Dillon during one of her performances at The Gold Club, off 15th Street in Center City, in early March. “He walked into the Gold Club like a normal patron and said he’d been a fan for a long time and has watched my career grow — he even said from before my boob job until recently — and that he loved watching my very first scene on [an adult website],” Dillon told In Touch earlier this year. “Then it got creepy.” The suit says Duggar paid $600 for lap dances at the Gold Club.

The lawsuit also alleges that Duggar accompanied Dillon back to the DoubleTree Hotel, where she was staying, and propositioned her for sex. He paid $1,500 for her company, the suit says, and then he assaulted her:

“Once inside Plaintiff’s hotel room, Defendant manhandled Plaintiff and physically assaulted her to the point of causing her physical and emotional injuries. Indeed, Plaintiff felt as if she were being raped by the Defendant. This was not part of any agreement and clearly exceeded the scope of any consent by the Plaintiff… Defendant indented to cause such harmful and offensive contact with the Plaintiff and directly, though his tortious actions and conduct, caused Plaintiff to suffer severe emotional and physical injuries.”

Dillon says she then met with Duggar a second time, at the Creekside Cabaret in Hatfield, Montgomery County, where she performed in April. She says Duggar said he wanted to apologize for his actions at their previous encounter but that “his motive for his ‘apology’ was to deceive Plaintiff into another private meeting with her where he engaged in identical tortious conduct.”

The actress says she has not been able to perform in porn since the alleged assaults — she has danced recently in at least one club — and that she is being treated for post-traumatic stress disorder. The lawsuit asks Duggar to be found liable for intentional infliction of emotional distress and seeks $500,000 in damages.

A spokesman for the Duggar family did not return a request for comment. Read a copy of the lawsuit below.

Lawsuit v. Josh Duggar