Mayor Nutter and Philadelphia Police Welcome New LGBT Law Enforcement Organization

Philadelphia Police

A new LGBT policing organization is shaping up in Philadelphia that will provide out officers the opportunity to create change within the force.

The Greater Philadelphia Gay Officer Action League, or GOAL, has been a project long in the making, but after a Monday organizational meeting, the new law enforcement organization is ready to launch, and it will be a historic moment for both the city and the nation.

“This new chapter of the Philadelphia Police Department’s history undoubtedly marks profound growth and progress,” said Nellie Fitzpatrick, Director of the Office of LGBT Affairs. “There’s no debating that there’s tremendous work ahead to reform our criminal legal systems, community-police relations and the inequalities that exist on both sides of the badge and thin blue line.”

This initiative is sorely needed, according to Deputy Commissioner Kevin Bethel, the head of command and LGBT liaison to the department. Bethel commented that the Department respects the LGBTQ-identified individuals that came together from across ranks and districts to form the league.

Mayor Michael Nutter also showed his support by recording a video, not only welcoming GOAL, but explaining why the new league is vital to the growth of the city:

Ms. Fitzpatrick also praised the efforts of the LGBTQ individuals who have made the first steps to form GOAL, stating, “Social justice advocates are not longer fighting alone from the outside, against a seemingly impermeable force, and will see further progress through these change agents within.”