Best and Worst of Philly College GameDay Signs

There were a lot of Bill Cosby jokes on signs at College GameDay today. There were also more appropriate signs.


College football took over Independence Mall today. Who knew this was possible?

ESPN’s College GameDay, the weekly pregame show, broadcast live from the middle of Market Street today in front of Independence Hall, a unique backdrop. Philly came out looking pretty good, at least because there were a lot of fans there.

And, there were signs. So many signs. This is College GameDay’s gimmick. I took photos of some of the worst (and best).

For one, there were so many signs with Bill Cosby jokes. What’s weird is, if this game were being played this time last year, Cosby would certainly have been the celebrity picker at the end of GameDay. Instead, we got the Phillie Phanatic.


This one was behind the stage. It did not get on air. But this one did.


These weren’t the only signs in poor taste. Here’s the first sign I saw on Saturday.

Not the main one. The one below, with the Caitlyn Jenner joke. Of course, these types of signs are what happens when you invite a bunch of college kids to come to an event and encourage them to make funny signs to get on TV. College kids don’t have any couth! Sports fans don’t know where the line is! Every GameDay is going to be a mess. (Eventually someone will make a sign so offensive it will become A Thing.)

Not every sign was a mess.

There was Meek Mill…


… and Drake.


There was an It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia reference.


And there were so many references to Rudy, from the standard “Rudy was offsides” to some newer ones.






(Also note the Big Head of Jim Kenney in this shot. There was also a Melissa Murray Bailey big head.)


Allen Iverson showed up.

There were some pretty good religious jokes, too.


Also note that Alf was there, with an Ultimate Warrior wrestling buddy.



(This should have been a rhythm method joke, but good enough.)


Temple fans made fun of Washington State, passed over for Philadelphia today.


Of course, Donald Trump was represented.


Anyway, after all that, this was my favorite sign of the day.

If you’ve never seen this clip, it’s one of the best things to happen ever in Temple sports history.

If Temple beats Notre Dame tonight, it’ll top this press conference outburst.