Al Roker Meets Johnny Doc’s Union on the Today Show

Seems like a real missed opportunity for the Ratmobile.

Last week, we told you about a letter that Johnny Doc’s Local 98 union sent to the Department of Homeland Security, alleging that NBC 10 committed a “serious security breach” by having its fill-in cameramen fraudulently gain access to papal events. (The cameramen and other technicians are on strike; NBC10 denied the union’s claim). And on Wednesday, Local 98 continued to do that thing that it does, sending protestors to the set of the Today show on NBC.

The sign behind Al Roker (above) reads “Fair Contract for NBC 10.” Here are some other signs that strikers held up during the show. Seems like a missed opportunity for the Ratmobile.

Nothing But Corporate Greed:

Shame on NBC:

And yesterday, as Biz Philly editor Jared Shelly pointed out to us, the union even came out to show their stuff at the site of the gun scare at Community College of Philadelphia:


IBEW 98 picketers outside Community College of Philadelphia on October 6th. Photo | Jared Shelly

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