Delco Group Predicts World to End October 7th

And the worst part of it? It's too late to do anything about it, says Darby's Chris McCann.

Last Day - New Heaven, New Earth - 17th and Market

Photo | Dan McQuade

Remember when Family Radio president Harold Camping predicted that the world would end in 1994? And then again in 2011? Well, according to Delaware County religious organization eBible Fellowship (they’re adamant that they are not a “church”), Camping wasn’t wrong: May 21, 2011 marked the beginning of the end, while October 7, 2015 (as in this Wednesday) marks the actual end. Here, eBible Fellowship leader Chris McCann (pictured) explains.

You’ll have to excuse me. I’ve heard this one before. And so I’m a bit skeptical that the world is going to end tomorrow. Can you help me get there?

It’s pretty in depth, and it’s laid out on our website. But basically, it’s derived from a biblical calendar of history that God placed in the bible itself, primarily in the genealogies that are in Genesis.

There are clear signs. The church world today is corrupt or apostate, as the Bible says. You cannot find any faith in the church. May 21, 2011 was the day that God began the final judgment process and ended his salvation program. And now we’re proceeding to the completion of a prolonged day of judgment, in which we’re looking at literal destruction.

I seem to remember learning in Sunday school that even Jesus himself doesn’t know when he’s returning. So how do you?

That’s what the church says today. It’s as if Jesus is some fireman who has no idea when he’s going to get the call. And then he gets the call and he’ll slide down the pole from heaven? That’s ridiculous. Of course Jesus knows. Jesus is God, and God knows.

But throughout history, people have predicted the end of the world, and they have been wrong. Elvis is the Antichrist.

[Laughs] The Bible makes it clear that man has always been desperately wicked, but when we look back, for the most part, man’s sinful tendencies have been restrained. There has always been basic morality, and that is because the Holy Spirit used his restraining power over the hearts of men. One reason for that was to keep order so man would not destroy himself.

But today, there is chaos in every nation in the world. There is increased evil everywhere. There is a lack of perception of right and wrong and good and bad. Iniquity abounds. Even people not associated with the Bible, who have been alive for any length of time, has to admit that there’s no comparison between the world now and 40 to 50 years ago. It’s a completely different atmosphere, the sinful activity of the world today.

I noticed that all of your literature indicates that there is a “strong likelihood” that October 7th will be the end of the world. Why not commit?

We’re laying out all the biblical evidence. Our understanding, according to the Bible, is that this is the date. It’s not a small likelihood. It is a strong likelihood.

But one reason we are not being dogmatic or using exclamation points or blowing a trumpet is that we’re not encouraging people that maybe God will save you. It’s too late. Salvation ended on May 21, 2011. And so, we’re not performing the role of watchman.

So you’re basically telling people there is no hope.

Well, it’s possible that they are saved and they don’t know it. But that is very unlikely.

If you’re right, what will October 7th look like?

The Earth will be destroyed by fire. The whole of creation will melt. It’s the same God who spoke and created it, and he can snap his fingers and destroy it. That’s the kind of thing he can do. But it’s not going to be a drawn out affair. He’s merciful.

He’s not concerned with man coming to the realization that he’s wrong. He’ll just destroy. Man will be burned up and destroyed and annihilated. It will be the end of his conscious existence. That is how God will cleanse and remedy the sinful.

You get that people think you’re crazy, right?

Consider the source. When an apostate church views you as a heretic, their view doesn’t impact much. And when an insane world views you as a lunatic, you have to think about where that’s coming from. They all think I’m crazy, and I think they’re all crazy.

Think about this: If I walk down South Street with the Bible in my hand, I am viewed as crazy. Meanwhile, you can walk down South Street with your body painted blue and green from head to toe and earrings on every possible piece of skin and with purple hair, and you fit in. You’re normal today. I understand fully how I am viewed, because for the first half of my life, I was just like them.

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