NJ 101.5 Radio Producer Joe Votruba Comes Out On-Air

Joe Votruba, from his Intagram account, @joevotruba.

Joe Votruba, from his Intagram account, @joevotruba.

Joe Votruba, a New Jersey radio producer and personality, went to the air waves to make an announcement like none other: that he was gay, and that exes can be friends (we’re not so sure about that second part, but okay!).

The NJ 101.5 radio producer decided to share a personal story during an episode of the network’s Dominski and Doyle Show about whether or not jealousy can play into ex-lovers remaining friendly after a breakup. However, in order for Votruba to tell his tale, he had to explain that he was gay to the live audience. You can listen to the clip here:

It was the first time that Votruba spoke about his sexuality on-air, and according to a post he made on his Instagram account, the response appears to be relatively positive:

From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU! 😊

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