#Popereads: The Pontiff Goes to the U.N.

He castigates the ravaging of the planet's resources.

Follow Philadelphia magazine’s live coverage of Pope Francis’s historic visit all weekend long.


Each day during his trip, we’ll bring you some of our favorite stories about Pope Francis’ visit to the United States from other media outlets.

Pope beseeches world leaders to protect the environment,” Nicole Winfield and Jennifer Peltz, The Associated Press

The Pope addressed the United Nations today, and he once again urged nations to fight global warming.

Hoping to spur concrete commitments at upcoming climate change negotiations in Paris, Francis accused the world’s powerful countries of indulging a “selfish and boundless thirst” for money by ravaging the planet’s natural resources and impoverishing the weak and disadvantaged in the process.

This, of course, should remind you of one of the greatest tweets of all time:

Everyone Who Cried During the Pope’s Speech to Congress,” Tina Nguyen, Vanity Fair

The Pope spoke to Congress yesterday, and Vanity Fair made sure to follow the most important part of it.

Coming from perhaps the most widely recognized moral authority in the world, the Pope’s message caused more than a few tears in the chamber.

Amazingly, House Speaker John Boehner was so moved he decided to resign from Congress!

A dope pope: Kim Kardashian tweet causes minor outrage in Argentina,” Angela Bruno, The Guardian

First off, here was Kim K’s tweet.

And here’s what happened afterward.

Most would probably interpret the tweet – or tuit as it’s spelled in Spanish – as an endorsement, but it seems the reporter at Primicias Ya was only familiar with the other meaning of “dope”.

Under the incredulous headline “Did Kim Kardashian attack the pope?” the writer (mis)translates the tweet as “THE POPE IS DRUGS.”

For the record, the Pope is not drugs.

Sharp Anti-Homeless Spikes Have Been Installed Near Pope’s Route,” Jen Carlson, Gothamist

Along the route where the pope will travel in New York today, there are anti-homeless spikes.

A tipster sent in these photos, noting that “these metal structures are new. Homeless people previously used these alcoves to sleep in. Not a coincidence that they were placed this week.” As you can see, they’ve been specially designed to fit in these exact nooks.

The blog notes the spikes were likely placed by the building’s landlord.

Extremist Heartland Institute Attacks Pope Francis On Climate, Claims Paganism Has Entered Catholic Church,” Sharon Kelly, Desmog Blog

Last week, the Shale Insight conference was held in Philadelphia. There was a papal-themed protest outside. And, according to anti-fossil fuel site Desmog, the pope was invoked inside as well!

“There are elements of nature worship, and I would say that contrary to some of the criticism, that this is not communism that has entered the church, it is rather paganism,” Gene Koprowski, marketing director for the Heartland Institute warned a collection of reporters.

“I think that if we have a pope who doesn’t keep things in an orthodox manner, we’re gonna be having forms returning to the religion that are not orthodox,” he added. “I think we are seeing a revelation of a sort of animistic form in the church.”

The Heartland Institute is a conservative/libertarian think tank that denies climate change is happening. Also in attendance? Philly’s Dom Giordano, who does not think this Argentine pope is very American at all: ““The pope does seem to be enamored with solutions that are not pro-American in the slightest: the UN, world government, those sorts of things.”

East Harlem: The Pope’s ‘most important stop’,” Ray Sanchez, CNN

The Pope is making a few more stops in New York today before coming to Philadelphia tomorrow morning. Here’s one of the cooler ones:

The visit to Our Lady Queen of Angels School, which serves 295 mostly Latino and black children, is in line with Francis’ mission of serving immigrants, the marginalized and the poor. It also illustrates the Roman Catholic Church’s struggles with changing times, diminishing congregations and a dwindling priesthood.

On the double red doors outside the sanctuary, signs in Spanish and English read: “Welcome to East Harlem Pope Francis. The parishioners of Our Lady Queen of Angels continue on the sidewalk. PLEASE OPEN OUR CHURCH.”

The Pope in East Harlem! One can only hope he gets in a couple minutes of basketball with the Globetrotters, too.

Photos of Dogs Dressed Up Like the Pope,” Caroline Cunningham, Washingtonian

Yes, this story is what you think it is.

In honor of Pope Francis’s trip to America, Instagram users have been uploading photos of their pup dressed up as His Holiness with the hashtag #PopeDog. Here are some of our favorites.

Aww. Papal puppies! Anyone, regardless of religion, can enjoy this.