Porngate Emails Back in Court Today

Kathleen Kane refusing to release emails she says she wants to release. Confused?

Photo by Matt Rourke/AP

Photo by Matt Rourke/AP

Kathleen Kane will be back in court today, trying to block the release of so-called “Porngate” emails she otherwise says she wants released.

Confused? You’re not alone. So are attorneys for the Philadelphia Inquirer, which is suing her to release the emails — which were not part of an earlier release of 400 pages of naughty correspondence approved for release last month by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. Trying to understand Kane’s position “is like trying to nail the proverbial jellyfish to the wall,” those attorneys said in a court filing.

But a Kane spokesman says that while she wants the emails public — to aid her defense against charges she blocked grand jury secrets — there are still legal questions about whether releasing the emails would also improperly disclose private emails, despite taking place on a government-owned computer.

Officials say they don’t know how many pornographic emails remain. [TribLive]