Madonna Pole Dances on a Crucifix in New Tour She’s Bringing to Philly During Papal Visit

A few months ago, I suggested that Madonna’s Rebel Heart tour playing here in Philly several days before the Pope’s arrival was no mistake, and since then, I’ve wondered what outrageous act she’ll perform to make a “political statement” about the Catholic Church. It appears I have some of the answers.

Last night, Madonna previewed the tour in Canada, and when it came to the song “Holy Water,” she essentially performed a pole dance on a giant cross with a bunch of scantily-clad “nuns.” She later broke into a version of “Vogue” with giant projections of Biblical art in the background and a reenactment of a the last supper.

There’s a few videos floating around the internet that show the act, although the quality of them aren’t the best (and who knows how long they’ll be online before they get pulled). Here’s one that shows the Material Girl getting down on the cross:

Here’s another that’s a slightly better quality that shows the Biblical art and the last super reenactment: