DiBruno Brothers Goes a Little Gay With Their Rittenhouse Sign

Let’s face it: If you’ve shopped at the DiBruno Brothers location on Chestnut Street near Rittenhouse Square, you’ve probably felt a wee bit gay rummaging through the cheese department. Long story short: They feel you.


I spotted this very cheeky sign outside of the store today, promoting their Gruyère Alpage and Le Cret offerings: “We’re here. We’re Gruyère. Get on it.” Clearly, it’s a play on “We’re here. We’re queer. Get used to it!” (follow that link for a little LGBTQ history lesson).

For a little lesson on cheese, I suggest you head over to the DiBruno Brothers’ webpage, where you can find out just about anything about cheese that your heart would desire.

And to DiBruno Brothers: Well played!