The Best Thing That Happened This Week

Tickets? We're talkin' about tickets?!?

We were willing to set aside our selfie sticks. We were willing to trek vast distances across roads and bridges. We were willing to pay outlandish sums to sleep on strangers’ sofas, have our kids miss a week of school, see the heart of the city fenced off, watch as public transportation was upended, scrounge for food and drink, even be deluged with papal memorabilia dreck. But when, this week, organizers of the papal visit let it slip that to get within half a mile of His Holiness on the Parkway we’d need tickets — and that said tickets had already been distributed to Catholic parishes by the World Meeting of Families — well, that was the last straw. Donna Crilley Farrell, take your Jumbotrons and shove ’em. We’re staying home and watching the Eagles. And they damn well better win.