Queer at FringeArts Fest: Not For Profit

The Wilma Theatre Lobby

The Wilma Theatre Lobby

Each day this week, G Philly will be highlighting a different LGBTQ-themed show that is featured at this year’s FringeArts Festival. Get to know the artists who are bringing their works to the festival, and learn about what makes their productions unique.

The lobby of Broad Street’s Wilma Theatre (265 South Broad Street) will be transformed into an immersive theater experience as theatrical troupe Ferdinand presents an interesting take on what it means to be a performing artist during this year’s FringeArts Festival.

The show, called Not For Profit, features three actors playing a plethora of parts, according to producers. They summarize the show as follows: “The theater is dying. Only three actors can save it by playing dozens of roles and telling all of their stories, from the box office to the boardroom, from the page to the stage. Everything you love and everything you hate about theaters and theater people will be NOT FOR PROFIT.”

The theater making troupe Ferdinand stresses the importance of “gender non-conforming” performance, along with several other key principles that guide their productions. You can get a taste of there philosophies by watching this video:

The 60 minute show runs from September 16 through the 19, and tickets are $15. For more information, visit the FringeArts webpage.

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