Einstein Healthcare Network Offers OB/GYN Pride Clinic

Via Shutterstock

Via Shutterstock

Einstein Healthcare Network, which was a 2014 HRC “Leader for LGBT Healthcare Equality,” has a unique OB/GYN Pride Clinic at their Philadelphia campus designed especially to treat and provide health services to lesbians, bi women, and transmen.

“Einstein Healthcare Network understands that while you have many of the same health needs as other women, you probably experience these health needs differently and have certain health issues more likely to affect you,” they said. The Clinic provides health maintenance exams, heart disease prevention, cancer screening, pelvic health exams, menopause counseling, and reproductive healthcare, along with “skilled counseling to help LGBT people who face depression and anxiety regain and retain emotional and psychological good health.”

Of particular interest is the Clinic’s treatment of transmen: The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists issued guidelines to practitioners titled “Health Care for Transgender Individuals,” in which they urged doctors to “be prepared to assist or refer transgender individuals for routine treatment and screening as well as hormonal and surgical therapies.” Amongst other things, the ACOG suggests:

“Adding a ‘transgender’ option to check boxes on patient visit records can help to better capture information about transgender patients, and could be a sign of acceptance to that person. Questions should be framed in ways that do not make assumptions about gender identity, sexual orientation, or behavior. It is more appropriate for clinicians to ask their patients which terms they prefer.”

Einstein’s Pride Clinic claims to have worked with members of the gay community “to better understand the specific concerns of women who are lesbian or bisexual, and of transmen.” The biggest concerns they found? Confidentiality, respectful and compassionate care, and access to care. These would align with the findings of the ACOG, which stated, “Within the medical community, transgender individuals face significant barriers to health care…The consequences of inadequate treatment are staggering.”

The Einstein Pride Clinic, which sees patients by appointment on Tuesday evenings, can be reached by calling 215-456-6990, option 9. They’re located at the Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia, 5501 Old York Road.