Former Owl City Musician Daniel Jorgensen Indicted in Atlantic City for Criminal Sexual Contact with Minor

He allegedly had sexual contact with a 14-year-old girl and tried to lure her to his hotel room.

Daniel Jorgenson via Jivewired

Daniel Jorgensen via Jivewired

Back in August 2013, popular Minnesota-based electronica act Owl City performed at the since-closed House of Blues in Atlantic City. And while the band was visiting the Jersey Shore town, then-touring member Dan Jorgensen allegedly had sexual contact with a 14-year-old girl and attempted to lure her to his hotel room, according to an indictment filed on Tuesday by Atlantic County prosecutor Jim McClain.

An Atlantic County grand jury indicted the 30-year-old Minneapolis man on one count each of criminal sexual contact and attempting to lure or entice a child.

According to prosecutors, Jorgensen communicated with the girl over the Internet and by phone, asking her to visit him in Atlantic City when Owl City played there on August 29th. Jorgensen reportedly played guitar with Owl City on that tour. Here is the band performing at that show:

While Owl City was in town, Jorgensen allegedly had sexual contact with the girl on the beach and then tried to get her to come with him to his hotel room or the Owl City tour bus for sex.

A girl from Virginia — who is now 16 — wrote about an alleged encounter with Jorgensen on a now-deleted blog posting, the events of which mirror those described in the indictment:

I soon made the decision to attend another Owl City show in Atlantic City. The topic was discussed between us multiple times, him trying to convince me to make out and be sexual with him, me saying no. At one point, I did say I would kiss him, but not go any further. At that point, he told me it wasn’t worth it, and to not even come. I got very mad at him then. Telling him he made me feel like I was nothing but a body. He tried to convince me otherwise, and said he just couldn’t control himself if I was there after we (he) had talked about it so much since our last meeting. He began trying to convince me to go again, of course be sexual as well, and offering to get us a hotel room so that no one would find us. Knowing what was legal and what was not, he claimed to not be implying sexual intercourse, just as far as he could push it without that happening.

It is unknown if this girl is the same one mentioned in the indictment, but earlier on Wednesday, when news first broke of the indictment, she wrote: “Didn’t believe me? Do yourself a favor and google ‘Daniel Jorgensen indicted’.”

An Atlantic County judge has set bail at $100,000, but Jorgensen is not in custody and is not believed to be in the area. Jorgensen was reportedly dismissed from the band in December 2013 when the allegations first arose. If convicted, he faces as many as 10 years for the luring charge and up to 18 months on the criminal sexual contact allegation. Neither he nor an Owl City spokesperson could be reached for comment.

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