Rosie O’Donnell Poses With Rachelle Lee Smith’s Speaking OUT on Instagram

Author and artist Rachelle Lee Smith (whose work you’ve, no doubt, noticed on the former luggage-turned-Wawa store on Broad and Walnut) has turned plenty of heads with her acclaimed book Speaking OUT: Queer Youth in Focus. Now, she’s even caught the attention of none other than Rosie O’Donnell, who posed with a copy of Smith’s book on her Instagram account:

beautiful book !

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We interviewed Smith last year and she had to say about her work:

“I think art, in the case of that in Speaking OUT, creates a cathartic experience. It allows for creative expression and a personal outlet as if exposing a diary entry to the world. Of course, all subjects in my work were asked to write anything they wanted and that did not mean solely addressing their sexuality. However, I believe a lot chose to write about that because they wanted to come out, to free themselves of something and to show the world that they are not ashamed or that they have something valid to share.”

For more information on Smith’s book, you can visit her website.