Chris Christie Forsakes Bruce Springsteen

In interview, says he prefers Bon Jovi, setting off backlash.

Et tu, Bruce?

Chris Christie is a Bruce Springsteen fan. This has been one of the more charming parts of the Jersey governor’s prickly personality for the last few years, even if it sometimes seemed to discomfit The Boss himself.

But now Christie has committed what The Daily Beast calls his “biggest flip-flop” ever: He told a website he prefers Bon Jovi to Bruce.

“In an interview with Lifezette, right-wing radio darling Laura Ingraham’s website, Christie and his wife, Mary Pat, confessed they now favor Bon Jovi. ‘This is a hard one,’ Mary Pat said when the interviewer asked her to choose. She ultimately decided ‘Bon Jovi.’ Christie, sitting next to Mary Pat, paused and smirked. ‘Bon Jovi,’ he answered.”

We’d already noted the surprising answer on our entertainment blog, Ticket, but the media is treating the revelation like a big deal:

CBSPhilly: “Up until this moment, nobody would believe that Chris Christie would pick anything over Bruce Springsteen. Not musicians, not sandwiches, not even family members. But here it is, on video, on the internet, and that’s forever.”

Uproxx: “Springsteen’s liberal-leaning politics have seemingly gotten in the way of any potential bromance between the Governor and The Boss, and their relationship has seen its ups and downs. Springsteen declined an invitation to perform at Christie’s inauguration in 2010 (Christie booked a Springsteen tribute band instead), but the two saw eye to eye when it came to New Jersey and the devastating aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. But Christie is a what-have-you-done-for-me-lately kind of guy, and, right now, he’s riding with Bon Jovi.”

Classic Rock: “And although Jon Bon Jovi is also a Democrat — he recently hosted a fundraiser for Hillary Clinton — he considers Christie a friend. Christie used four Bon Jovi songs when he announced that he was running for president, which normally angers rockers of differing parties, but it wasn’t a problem for Jon Bon Jovi, who told, “My friendships are apolitical, and yes, I absolutely gave him permission to use my songs.”

The Asbury Park Press speculates that Christie really does like Bon Jovi more than Springsteen and concludes: “Hey, anything is possible.”