Governor’s Paycheck Goes to Charity

Tom Wolf doesn't take pay from the state. Here's where the money goes instead.

Gov. Tom Wolf ran his gubernatorial campaign as a self-made guy, and he’s decided to govern like it, too: He doesn’t accept a penny of his state salary, which would otherwise make him one of American’s best-paid governors.

Instead, PennLive reports, the money goes entirely to charity:

“For the first quarter of this year, he directed $26,000 of his earnings to the United Way of York County, an organization he and his wife Frances have supported for many years,” PennLive reports. “The remaining $1,447.15 of his first quarter earnings was directed to the United Way of Pennsylvania, which also recently received $43,915.44 from Wolf’s second quarter earnings. The United Way of Pennsylvania also will benefit from his entire gubernatorial salary for the third and fourth quarters as well to distribute to member agencies throughout the state.”

Wolf also pays his own health insurance. Wolf plans to take a tax deduction for his charitable donations, a spokesman said.