Twirling To The Beach – Your Soundtrack!

Some people hate summer. How is that possible? Sun, heat, half naked people, basketball shorts (if you live in South Philly, you know what I mean), and amazing music. There are so many songs that bring back the perfect summer vibe that I’ve had over the years on my gay beach trips, and this year I am lucky enough to have a residency at Paradise in one of the coolest and gayest beach towns, Asbury Park, so I’ve included a lot of tunes that are moving me right now.

Bring this list to your next beach trip…you and your crew (gurls?) will be twirling on the beach, in your house, in your bedrooms. You’re very welcome! 

Lenno – The Best (feat Dragonette)

Happy fun summer vibes, all at the hands of Dragonette,an adorable bastion of positivity in electronic dance music, a genre that takes itself WAY too seriously.  Wanna feel the freaking best?  Take a listen…she truly captures young love. Gives me chills.

Calvin Harris – Summer

This one’s a bit obvious, but it transcends.  With a half billion plays on YouTube, suffice to say it’s a pretty universal song of summer.  I guess that’s why it is called “Summer.”  Right.  Listen on your way to the shore, at the beach, in your hotel room, by the pool…and then cry to it on your way home as you listen to the words.

Candi Staton – Hallelujah Anyway (Director’s Cut Signature Praise)

The inimitable Candi Staton brings beachfront joy on this feel-good summer anthem.  I’m not religious, but the message comes through – if life sucks, it’ll get better.  Just be patient.  This is joyous house music produced by the late, legendary Frankie Knuckles, one of the true creators of the genre.  He’ll be missed.

Skylar Spence – Fiona Coyne

Kicking off with a fun conversation snippet of a girl saying “I was embarrassing with them back there wasn’t I,” this track is pure summer disco house music fun. Surely recalling many a beach trip, Skylar tells Fiona “I’ll love you till the record stops.” If I had a penny for every time I said that…

Giorgio Moroder feat. Sia – Deja Vu

Giorgio Moroder is the prolific disco master who brought you Donna Summer’s “I Feel Love.”  He is back with a full album featuring a star-studded cast including Charli XCX, Kylie Minogue, Britney Spears, Kelis and more.  But the standout title track is ‘Deja Vu,’ featuring Sia (who wrote the lyrics).  This is glorious disco that had me twirling around my hotel room in Asbury Park, so you are certain to find it perfect for your beach trip.  And be sure to check out the video, it’s sublime.

Mariah Carey – Fantasy

This one came as a recommendation from a pretty cool guy I know. He said, “Um, Mariah’s ‘Fantasy’ is the most perfect gay beach song ever.”  I agree – you get sultry Mimi singing over funky beats.  Perfect combination for gin-infused pool parties.

The Go-Go’s – Vacation

Far be it from me not to include a disparate group of whacked out rocker chicks, especially considering they created THE seminal summer vacation song. This is true pop rock, perfectly executed with a hilarious video. Simple? Maybe. Basic? Never.

Bonnie Bailey feat. Hott 22 – No Promises

Sublime beach house music from one of my favorite house vocalists. For relaxing on the patio or the beach, and whether you are in love or just wish you were, Bonnie Bailey packs real, cathartic, sultry emotion.

Dannii Minogue – Summer Of Love

Kylie’s sis glides the coattails to brilliance with this fun, 90’s inspired ethereal club party track. I’m sure she wrote this one so she at least gets a nice royalty check one season a year. Whatever, it sold me. Good, fun pop music!

Kylie Minogue – Love At First Sight

Two Minogues on one chart!? Yeah, shut up. This has been a summer favorite of mine and just about every gay I know since it came out. Watch this live video from her New York concert, it is magic. Try this on your next beach trip and report back – I’m pretty sure you’ll tell me that your whole beach house was twirling with joy.