STUDY: Gay Couples Better Than Straights When It Comes To Domesticity


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Do you split the laundry duties with your boyfriend? According to a recent study, chances are you put in your fair share of matching socks and folding clean undies…but so does your partner.

According to New Now Next, a study conducted by PriceWaterHouseCoopers and the Families and Work Institute found that “gay couples in domestic partnerships communicate more and share a more equal amount of household tasks than heterosexual pairs.” The study comprised of 225 gay and straight couples and the results showed “same-sex couples tend to communicate better, share chore duties and more fairly and assign tasks based on personal preference rather than gender, income, hours worked or power position in the relationship.”

For instance, when it came to laundry, 31% of straight couples shared the responsibility, while 44% of same-sex couples shared duties. With childcare, 38% of straights shared the responsibility, where as 74% of same-sex responded they shared the childcare duties.

The biggest takeaway from the survey? According to the study’s author, Ken Matos, it showed “how important it is to talk and say what you want, rather than stay silent, not wanting to start a fight, making assumptions, and then letting things fester.”