Your Comments About the New Sex Toy Vending Machine Were Mostly Hilarious

Models showing off PinkBox, which one commenter says would be better if it was a claw game.

Models showing off PinkBox, which one commenter says would be better if it was a claw game.

Yesterday, we shared that PinkBox, North America’s first sex toy vending machine, was launching in Philly this week. Needless to say, once we shared the story on Facebook, the comments came rolling in—and we couldn’t stop laughing. We’ve rounded up some of the best:

Most were pretty humorous:

  • “It would be better if it was a claw game.”
  • “That’s hilarious….I can’t wait to buy dildos while waiting for the El….”
  • “Put your money in, make your selection, and your new dildo gets stuck in the machine.”
  • “Will it fund the schools? #gladtoseewheremytaxdollarswent.”
  • “I’m so proud. So does L&I get to inspect that?”
  • “When the purchase just hangs there and doesn’t drop, you can really say that the vending machine screwed you.”
  • “What is this, Japan?”
  • “How about a book machine?”

Others were pretty serious about their disdain for the concept:

  • “This is a great idea in theory..but there is a reason you should go to a shop with educated sales associates when purchasing a toy…we can answer questions you didn’t even know you had BEFORE you end up in the hospital for an embarrassing incident in which you “lost” a toy or developed an odd rash from a lubricant. Selling lubes and toys in the same machine will also cause confusion for those that don’t know which materials and ingredients are compatible or latex safe. Consumers need sex education- not vending machines.”
  • “How can this be a good thing? When will our society of over-grown adolescents finally grow up into responsible adults?”
  • “Can’t wait to see the weirdos hanging out by that thing waiting for someone to make a purchase.”
  • “Whhhhyyyyy – theres kids out there. Just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you should.”
  • “I am so glad that I don’t have teenage children. Is there really a demand for this or just to get some attention ??”

And then there were some who legit couldn’t wait to use it:

  • “Haha. I am all over it.”
  • “Good for pinkbox!!!!”
  • “It’s about time.”

What do you think? Would you use PinkBox? Leave your observations in the “comments” section below.