America’s First Sex Toy Vending Machine Launching in Philly

Test it out this Thursday at Underground Arts.

Dr. Timaree (center) with creators TK and TK.

Dr. Timaree (center) with creators Vaughn Sandman and Dean Kitagawa.

It’s a vending machine where you’ll be able to get a whole different type of candy: Called PinkBox, this nifty new invention takes products that you would find in a sex toy store and makes them as easy to purchase as a Diet Coke or a packet of Skittles.

Local entrepreneurs Vaughn Sandman and Dean Kitagawa are the brain children behind the vending machine, which they are billing as the first of its kind in North America. They describe the concept behind it on their website: “PinkBox believes that sex should be exciting, fun, and safe. As consenting adults, there is no wrong or bad way to enjoy yourself or each other. … Sex is nothing to be embarrassed about. We all do it (when we can) and we all think about it (the rest of the time). PinkBox is proud to be in the business of helping our customers explore and enjoy their individual sexuality.”

Dr. Timaree, who’s serving as PinkBox‘s “resident sexpert” and curator of what’s inside, explains that the machine stocks “everything from condoms and cock rings to Lelo vibrators. There are glass dildos, and starter restraint kits.”

The pricing? “Because our overhead is minimal, all the prices are very competitive—lower than a brick and mortar can afford to be.”

This is, indeed, a unique and interesting concept for several reasons: For many, going into a sex toy store may be a bit daunting if not embarrassing, and if you order products online, it may take several days or weeks to receive them. Now, customers can track down a PinkBox, select what they want, and get it immediately and relatively discreetly.

Dr. Timaree can’t yet confirm where the first machines will be placed, but Sandman and Kitagawa say they are “very adamant about making sure we get a PinkBox in the Gayborhood that caters more specifically to the boys.”

PinkBox can accept major credit cards, and a portion of the profits support marriage equality. You can check it out this Thursday evening at the Philadelphia Burlesque Festival’s opening night party at Underground Arts.

Additional reporting by Josh Middleton.