The Best Thing That Happened This Week

Runner's World turned out to be a hard, cruel place — reinforcing the attractions of a sedentary lifestyle.

Nobody could be happier than us that those two Broad Street Run runners — one 35 years old, the other a mere babe of 27 — were successfully resuscitated during the race last Sunday. Of course, had they been paying attention back in February when a major study showed that hard-core runners die at the same rate as those of us whose only exercise is reaching for the remote (“Long-term excessive exercise may be associated with coronary artery calcification, diastolic dysfunction and large artery wall stiffening,” according to the lead author), they might not have lined up with their bibs at all.

The news this week that Lean In author Sheryl Sandberg’s 47-year-old husband, Silicon Valley tycoon and all-around nice guy Dave Goldberg, died on vacation in Mexico after he fell off a treadmill reinforced the attractions of the sedentary life. But what really convinced us to stay put was the furor that erupted over local Boston Marathon runner/irate parent-of-the-year/publicity hound Mike Rossi’s qualifying-race time. Man, you runners are vicious! We’re throwing all our shoes with laces over the phone wires now.

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