Iverson Refutes $40K Strip Club Claims

"I know I ain’t do that.”


Remember that recent story Matt Barnes told about his time as a 76er — how Allen Iverson would spend up to $40,000 an outing at strip clubs? Never happened, Iverson says.

“I don’t know what Matt is talking about,” Iverson told CBS recently. “I was rich at 21, so ain’t no telling what I may have done, but I know I ain’t do that.”

Iverson was speaking to promote the forthcoming documentary about his life.

Iverson also went on to talk about the special connection that he had with the fans in Philadelphia. It is a connection that is still very evident to this day.

“They gave me another energy,” Iverson said of the fans that packed that building every night during his best years in Philadelphia. “When I was hurt, or I was sick, to come in there and see them smiles and to hear that roar was like no other.”

The documentary premieres May 16th on Showtime.