Police Investigate Brutal Brawl at SEPTA Station

It happened Tuesday, at the Spring Garden stop on the Broad Street line.

SEPTA Police are investigating a brutal brawl that broke out Tuesday afternoon in the Spring Garden Station of the Broad Street line.

CBS3 reports:

One of the students swings at another and a full scale brawl erupts on the platform, with multiple groups of students fighting all over the area, as other people waiting for the train look on terrified.

It goes on for some time; a fight that police suspect was planned in advance by the teenagers involved.

Chief Thomas Nestel of SEPTA Police says, “It’s an outrageous event. It’s so dangerous it’s not even funny. We have operating trains down there. There are passengers waiting for the train.”

The participants are believed to be students at nearby Benjamin Franklin High School, officials said. 6ABC adds:

“We will be making sure and supporting SEPTA – that there are criminal charges in addition to anything else we will do in the school regarding this incident,” said Fernando Gallard, Philadelphia School District.

Community College of Philadelphia student Edward Busch says charges may deter others but they don’t solve the problem.

“More education, less incarceration. And maybe involvement you know what I mean – as far as CCP or maybe any other colleges that wanted to mentor the teens in high school,” said Busch.

No arrests have yet been made.