WATCH: Philly Police Turned a Sizzler Commercial Into a Recruiting Video

This is the strangest thing you'll ever see from the local police.

So, this is the strangest thing you’ll probably ever see on the Philadelphia Police YouTube page:

UpRoxx explains:

As someone who encounters the weirdest crap on the internet on a daily basis, I’m even not sure what to make of this. This video popped up on the Philadelphia Police Department’s official YouTube account yesterday (coincidentally 4/20), which takes that bizarre, nearly five minute long Sizzler ad that went viral earlier this month and turns it into some kind of recruiting video that’s more MST3K than it is recruiting video. Sample dialogue includes: “Whoa, that was the woman who was just looking at the sundae! *chuckle* She’s looking at the guy the same way.”

Word is the video was created by Sgt. Eric Gripp, a “social media maven” at the department. Clearly, he’s a grizzled veteran of the Danny Glover “I’m too old for this shit” variety.