Gay Boys Come Out in Droves to #BottomForHillary

From @bottomforhillary's Instagram account.

From @bottomforhillary’s Instagram account.

We were all excited when Hillary Clinton announced she was throwing her hat in the ring for the 2016 presidential race yesterday—but not as thrilled as the bottoms among us, apparently. Not long after the announcement, a group of queens from San Francisco launched the “I’d Bottom for Hillary” website where you can pick up a T-shirt to show your utterly gay support.

Fusion reporter Jorge Rivas profiled the San Francisco-based creator of the brand, who goes by Ryan. In his interview, Ryan told Rivas that “With bottoming, there’s a lot that goes into it … A lot of homosexuals understand the concept. Bottoming for someone takes a lot of trust and understanding.” He went on to say that “bottoming also requires hope, trust, and experience,” which is “the same relationship that a lot of people have with Hillary Clinton.”

If that sounds a little much, wait until you read the “I’d Bottom for Hillary” mission statement:

“We recognize the unbelievable force that is Hillary Clinton. So much so, that we admit that we would willingly bottom for her. It does not matter if you usually bottom, or if you usually top but can’t resist the Clinton. She is a badass bitch. She is the head bitch in charge. She is the Ma’damnnnnn President. Ideally we would be bottoming for her as [much as] we were voting for her.”

If you agree and want to share your own love for Hillary, you can head over to purchase either an “I’d Bottom For Hillary” T-shirt or tank top for $18.75 each. We’re pretty sure that no funds from the purchase go towards Ms. Clinton’s campaign.

You can also use hashtag #BottomForHillary on social, and check out their Instagram account to find lots of fun pictures, like this one:

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