Google Sheets Has a Secret Rainbow Trick That Will Make You Smile

After all the depressing Indiana drama last week, we could really use a good dose of silly, uplifting gay fun. Lucky enough, we can thank Google for providing it to us: There’s a secret way to convert Google Drive Sheets (i.e. their version of Excel) into a rainbow flag, and it’s pretty darn cool.

To start, visit the Google Sheets homepage. On the bottom right hand side, you’ll see a green circle with a “+” in the middle; click this to create a new sheet. You’ll get a standard spreadsheet that looks like this:

Then, type the letters p-r-i-d-e in the top of the first five cells:

Once you enter the last “e,” boom! Instant rainbow takeover!

How awesome is that? Thank you, Google, for making spreadsheets just a wee bit more fun.