Wolf Holds Firm on State Police Nomination

Troopers, Republicans have asked him to withdraw Marcus Brown.

Gov. Tom Wolf is holding firm in backing Marcus Brown’s nomination to head the Pennsylvania State Police, despite opposition from Republicans and the troopers themselves.

The Pennsylvania State Troopers Association on Monday gave Brown a vote of no-confidnce, but the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette said Wolf gave no signs of budging on the issue.

“Again, as I said over the weekend, I nominated him because of his strong background,” Wolf said. “He was a beat cop in Baltimore, he was head of the state police in Maryland and I think he’s a good choice. He has a great background and I would like to see him confirmed.”

Brown has been controversial almost since the moment of his nomination. He was sworn in as acting commissioner the same day Wolf was inaugurated, and drew heat immediately for wearing the state trooper uniform — a privilege troopers say belong only those who have graduated from the state’s police academy at Hershey. They note that Wolf’s predecessor, Frank Noonan, tended to wear a dark suit.

Brown’s position was complicated when he removed signs critical of him from the side of a public roadway in Hampton Township. After that, Senate Republicans turned on his nomination.

The troopers’ association said its board was unanimous Monday in its no-confidence vote.