Brady to Dems: Reconsider Manny Morales Endorsement

Congressman gets involved in City Council race.

Maria Quinones-Sanchez | Photo Credit: AP Photo/Matt Rourke

Maria Quinones-Sanchez | Photo Credit: AP Photo/Matt Rourke

On Tuesday, we asked: “Why Have City Dems Endorsed a Council Candidate Whose Facebook Page Compared Gay Men to Flatworms?” Turns out Congressman Bob Brady, the city’s top Democrat, wants to know the same thing.

As we reported, ward leaders in the Seventh Council District instead endorsed Manny Morales, who few had ever heard of before, over incumbent Maria Quinones-Sanchez. Morales, it turns out, is pro-voter ID, anti-abortion, thinks George Zimmerman handled things just fine, is an immigration hawk, is pro Ron Paul and, yes, wondered aloud on Facebook if gay men, like flatworms, “use their bifurcated penises to fence one another.”

Morales has denied making the Facebook posts, and has said he is contemplating legal action aginst Quinones-Sanchez for posting the purported Facebook posts on a site called

Brady says ward leaders should reconsider the endorsement. “I am sure that the ward leaders, when they did the endorsement, they did not know that this existed,” he told KYW. “And we still don’t know whether its accurate. But if it is accurate, it’s very troublesome. Anybody can make an allegation. But if they’re true, I would make a recommendation to the ward leaders that they withdraw their support from him as a candidate.”

Quinones-Sanchez hopes that happens.

“They (the ward leaders) need to rescind this endorsement, because (Morales) does not represent Democratic values,” she said. “He only becomes a candidate with their support, and so they need to take him out of the race.”