Got Any Extra Horses?

The State Police want them.

via Shutterstock

via Shutterstock

We know that many of you out there have stables overflowing with equine, so we thought we should pass along this ask from the Pennsylvania State Police: They need your horses.

The Pennsylvania State Police maintains a mounted patrol unit, which currently consists of 26 horses, and they’re looking to add to it with donated animals.

But they don’t want just any horse.

Any horse considered for service must be a gelding (aka a castrated horse) between five and fifteen years old and must be 16 hands or taller. And though you’d think that they’d love to have your thoroughbred, think again: The police say that they want drafts and draft-crosses. And no rambunctious animals, please. The police insist on gentle horses with “quiet, sound dispositions.”

In case you’re wondering what your horse would be doing with the State Police, it’s not all pageantry and parades. The mounted patrol unit is used for searches and crowd control as well.

Anyone who wants to get rid of a horse should call Corporal Michael Funk at 717-533-9111, extension 321.