Governor Tom Wolf Calls for LGBT Non-Discrimination Laws in Today’s Budget Address


In a budget address this afternoon that laid out his priorities for the coming legislative session, Governor Tom Wolf took time to mention the LGBT community, calling for laws that would protect us from being fired from our jobs, or kicked out of housing and places of business just for being gay.

“The companies and countries that are thriving in today’s global economy are those that are committed to diversity, inclusion, and fairness,” he said. “All Pennsylvania’s families deserve those same opportunities, no matter what their race, sexual orientation, where they started life, or who they are.”

Equality PA executive Director Ted Martin chimed in after the address, applauding Wolf for shining more light on the issue: “We truly appreciate Governor Wolf recognizing that discrimination protections are needed,” he said in a press release. “Most people in Pennsylvania are shocked to learn that people can still be fired from a job, evicted, or turned away from a business just for being gay or transgender. It’s time to update our laws to make sure that all people in Pennsylvania have the opportunity to earn a living and make a better life for themselves and their families.”

The last legislative session saw two bills that would protect Pennsylvania LGBT people from such discrimination: HB and SB 300, in the House and Senate, respectively. Unfortunately, they never made it to the floor for a vote, despite having bi-partisan support and a record number of sponsors. Equality PA notes that new LGBT non-discrimination bills are expected to be introduced in the coming session. Stay tuned to G Philly for any updates.

For the full address, go here.