Survey Says: Pa. Has Lots of Survey Researchers

Pew researcher reveals each state's most unique job.

Apparently the Keystone State is for egghead statisticians. A new report from Pew Charitable Trusts breaks down job numbers for each state, and determines the “most unique” job in each.

Here’s the overall interactive map:

And as you can see, there are four times the number of survey researchers — or pollsters — in Pennsylvania than the national rate. Overall, there are nearly 3,000 Pennsylvanians in such jobs.

Highlights for our neighbors:

New Jersey has five times the number of marriage and family therapists you’d expect from national averages.
New York, perhaps unsurprisingly, has 6.3 times the number of fashion designers as the average state.
Ohio has 3.4 times the expected numbers of tool and die makers.
• And Maryland has a whopping 12 times the number of subway and streetcar operators you’d expect, with more than 2,000 in the state.

“The results in some other states are more curious, although perhaps not for those who live there. Mississippi has almost 17 times more upholsterers within its borders than would be expected based on the profession’s prevalence elsewhere,” Pew reports. “Missouri has almost four times as many psychiatric technicians. In South Carolina, there are almost 12 times more tire builders.”

(Hat tip: PennLive)