Watch This Live HD Stream of a Bald Eagle Nest in Pennsylvania

The Pennsylvania Game Commission has set up an HD camera on a bald eagle nest in Hanover, Pennsylvania. Eggs have been laid already.

Earlier today on the Hanover, Pennsylvania, Eagle Cam.

Earlier today on the Hanover, Pennsylvania, Eagle Cam.

Earlier this year, the Pennsylvania Game Commission once again set up a camera focused on a bald eagle’s nest near Codorus State Park in Hanover, Pennsylvania.

Now, there appear to be a pair of eggs in the nest on the adorable HD bald eagle cam, which is done in partnership with a company called HDontap, Comcast Business Services, Friends of Codorus State Park and other partners.

GIF: Bald Eagle Eating

This is quite the cool live camera feed. The Pa. Game Commission told The Public Opinion, a newspaper the covers the area around Chambersburg, that the camera is hooked up to a solar power source and that the commission has installed a dedicated 100 Mbps broadband line to the tree.

“When it comes to a project like this, you keep your fingers crossed and hope that in the coming days, weeks and months you’re fortunate enough to witness an eaglet make the transition from a simple egg to a bird strong enough to fly from the nest,” Game Commission Executive Director R. Matthew Hough told the paper in January.

You can watch the bald eagle cam here.

[via Bryan Graham]