WATCH: Comcast’s Oscar-Night Wizard of Oz Ad Will Give You the Warm Fuzzies

"Emily's Oz" shows off Kabletown's innovation — and its human side.


This here? Some good advertising. It’s Comcast’s Oscar-night ad:

The folks at Comcast are proud of this ad — they’ve even made a “making of” documentary about it. And why not? It tells a touching story: A blind girl “watches” The Wizard of Oz using the company’s “talking guide” on the X1 cable platform. (A deeper dive into the commercial and the technology is describes is here.)

“We want to create opportunities for people who love film and television, but who might not have the opportunity to experience it to its fullest,” said Tom Wlodkowski, Comcast’s vice president of audience, said in a press release. (He is, not incidentally, also blind.) “By bringing the talking guide to as many people as possible, we can help to bridge that gap and make entertainment just as compelling, captivating and fun for people with a visual disability as it is for anyone else.”

And who knows? The commercial might just make people feel good about Comcast.