WATCH: Democrats Announce Philadelphia Convention With Cheesesteak Joke, Busted Rendition of “Eye of the Tiger”

Because of course they did.

Mere moments after the news started leaking that the Democratic Party had chosen Philadelphia as the location for its 2016 Democratic National Convention, the party made it “official” with the above video featuring Florida Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Chair of DNC Committee, yes, going to the refrigerator, grabbing a (cold!) cheesesteak, closing the door and slapping a Philadelphia magnet beneath those of Denver and Charlotte. The slapping of the magnet, naturally, kicks off a song that sounds enough like “Eye of the Tiger” so that you know what they’re going for, but enough not like it that they probably didn’t need to license it.

Get ready for lots of this, Philly. Everything’s coming up Philly, which means everything’s also going to be coming up Rocky jokes.

And now, a couple of GIFs courtesy of Dan McQuade:

DNC - Cheesesteak
DNC - Fridge