Teamsters, Carpenters Lose Latest Bid to Return to Convention Center

Pennsylvania Labor Relations Board officer says it doesn't have jurisdiction.

Photo | Jeff Fusco

Photo | Jeff Fusco

The Teamsters and Carpenters unions have reportedly lost their latest bid to return to work at the Pennsylvania Convention Center.

The two unions had filed an unfair labor practices complaint against the center, where they’ve been shut out since a coalition of other Philadelphia unions signed a work agreement last year. An official said Monday that a Pennsylvania Labor Relations Board had dismissed the complaint, NewsWorks reports.  The unions have 20 days to appeal to the full board, reports the Inquirer, pending a written report from the examiner who dismissed the complaint.

“The Metropolitan Regional Council of Carpenters vehemently disagrees with the finding of this individual hearing examiner. We believe his decision is incorrect and will not be upheld by the full PLRB board,” said Ed Coryell, business manager for the carpenters. “The MRC will continue to vigorously fight this unfair and illegal lockout of our members.”

The Teamsters and Carpenters have been shut out of work at the center since last May, when they did not meet a deadline to sign a new agreement that loosened work rules, giving conventioneers some leeway in setting up their own exhibits and displays. Center officials say the unions had a deadline to sign the contract and didn’t meet it. The remaining unions are working to promote the new arrangement at the center in hopes of bringing more business to Philadelphia, and officials say the result has been a growth of bookings at the center. 

A union official told NewsWorks that protests at the convention center will continue.