Philly Love Story: Allie and Mikey Ilagan

Mikey Ilagan, a 30-year-old Web developer and editor of, and Allie Ilagan, a 26-year-old marketer, talk misconnections and modern love.

Video edited by Alexa Carroll; royalty-free Music from Bensound

PM: You guys met via social media before you met in person?
Allie: I had a really popular food blog at the time, and he made a bunch of comments on the site. He was also sending me emails and following me on Twitter. And I never responded.
Mikey: All of these things received not a bit of attention. That changed several months later when we met at a mutual friend’s birthday party.
Allie: And that’s when I noticed him. A lot. [laughs]
Mikey: You effectively made the first move. I’m not the suavest of all gentlemen. I probably would have never made a move and taken that regret to the grave.

PM: Do you remember the moment you became an official couple?
Allie: I remember when we were Facebook official. It was, like, a big deal. I don’t think either of us was looking for something serious when we started, and then it just kind of happened.
Mikey: You know, I wasn’t like, “Oh, this girl is gonna be my wife.” Maybe it was something I was thinking later that year … maybe a couple years later. I’d heard once, “When you know, you know.” And for me, it was a matter of knowing maybe that Wednesday and then buying the ring that Sunday, then proposing that following Wednesday. Before buying the ring, I called respective family members to inform them —
Allie: Not to ask. That was a big deal.
Mikey: Yeah, that was a specific thing for me. I wasn’t asking for anyone’s permission, because the only person whose permission I was concerned about was hers. Her parents are pretty progressive and understanding.

PM: So how’s married life?
Mikey: We’ve been married for four months. Not too much has changed. Her last name —
Allie: I took his last name. People don’t tell you the boring part of newlywed life, like combining assets. That’s really romantic.
Mikey: Let’s find a great cell-phone plan. Awesome, awesome.
Allie: Otherwise, newlywed life has been great. Being married is not a magic button that turns your life into rainbows. But I do feel a distinct difference between being girlfriend and boyfriend and being married. It feels good.
Mikey: I know my favorite thing … I don’t have to call her my “fiancée” anymore. It’s, like, the dumbest word. Who likes saying that word? For at least half of our engagement, I tried making the word “pre-wife” happen.
Allie: Didn’t work.
Mikey: Also, I could have said “ex-girlfriend,” because you were my fiancée.
Allie: No.
Mikey: No. Okay. On a serious note, you know, I’m happy to be moving on to the next stage of our lives together.

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Originally published in the February 2015 issue of Philadelphia magazine.