Baby Hospitalized After Ferret Attack

One-month-old girl suffered severe facial injuries.

A one-month-old girl received severe facial injuries after she was attacked by the family’s pet ferrets in Darby Borough, officials say.

“Sources say the child was placed in her car seat and then left on the floor. The mother of the child then went upstairs in her home,” 6ABC reports. “During the time the mother was away, three ferrets escaped their cloth-like cage and then chewed on the girl’s face.”

The parents responded when they heard the child screaming, reports say. Officials indicated the attack may be representative of deeper problems.

“Police say when they went to investigate, the house was found in disrepair and they did not find much food around for the five children who lived there,” CBS Philly says. “Authorities add that several child service agencies were already working with the parents before the ferret incident.”

The girl is being hospitalized at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Ferrets are legal to own as pets in the state of Pennsylvania. There is no word, as of yet, whether charges will be filed.