VIDEO: Girl Attacked on SEPTA Trolley at 7th and Girard

She suffered a broken nose and black eye.


On Wednesday morning, 17-year-old Shayma (last name withheld) boarded SEPTA’s 15 trolley at Broad and Girard the same way she does every school day. But this ride ended with Shayma in the hospital with a broken nose and other injuries.

According to Shayma’s mother, Foi Wharton, the trolley was crowded, as it usually is when her daughter gets on at around 7:25 a.m. to ride to her school near 4th and Girard. As Wharton tells it, Shayma’s bag kept bumping into a man on the crowded trolley, and he eventually became enraged and attacked the girl. (UPDATE: Police have released SEPTA video of the attack.)

This is a brief video captured by one of Shayma’s schoolmates:

Shayma alleges this is the man who attacked her:


This is what Wharton posted on social media about the incident:

Yesterday morning on her way to school, (my daughter) was in a crowded 15 trolly and her book bag kept hitting this guy. He started calling her out of her name and pulled her hat off. When she got up from picking her hat up, he hit her like 3-4 times in the face & ran off the trolly at 7th & Girard. (My daughter) suffered a black eye & broken nose. As I know her physical scars will soon heal, please pray for my baby’s emotional & mental state.

On Thursday morning, Wharton said that “words were exchanged” between her daughter and the unidentified man before the attack. “I’m pretty sure she had some things to say,” admits Wharton. “She’s a teenager.”

After being treated at Jefferson for her injuries, Shayma gave a statement to East Detectives, who are investigating. If you have any information, contact Detective Girado at 215-686-3243.

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