Steve Morrison from WMMR’s Preston & Steve Battling Cancer

He recently underwent surgery.

Steve Morrison, co-host of WMMR’s long-running Preston & Steve morning show, recently underwent surgery for prostate cancer at Penn Medicine’s Abramson Cancer Center.

Morrison, who celebrates 10 years at WMMR in May, learned of the cancer about six weeks before the surgery. He is expected to make a full recovery.

On the air this morning, he stressed the importance of taking control of your health. “There is so much positive you can experience by being proactive. You need not die of prostate cancer if you’re proactive,” Morrison said in an emotional segment with his guest and doctor, Mike Cirigliano. “If caught early, it is a very treatable form of cancer.”

“The one thing, the one red flag, was the PSA [Prostate-Specific Antigen] test,” he added. “My line of thinking was to be as thorough as possible. And my doctor, Dr. Mike Cirigliano at U Penn, saved my life.”

“There are false positives sometimes, my line of thinking going into this was that, I’d rather get a false positive than not ever see a positive that gets away from you and causes your death,” said Morrison.

The show made an announcement on Wednesday morning.

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