Life-Size, Anatomically Correct Male Sex Dolls by Sinthetics: A Man Who Will Never Leave You

If those Grindr hookups are getting old and you’re looking for a dude to stay with you after you’ve undressed him, look no further: one company is producing eerily life-like male sex dolls that are (almost) as good looking as the real thing.

Sinthetics (warning: before you click the link, most of the images are NSFW) produces both male and female sex dolls for clients all over the world. They claim that each doll is “individually handmade by our talented team of professionals. You can feel confident knowing that all Sinthetics products have to pass rigorous inspections to meet our expectations of quality.” And, by the looks of the galleries on the website, it’s actually kind of hard to tell that these male dolls are fake.

Sinthetics all “have a flexible spine which allows for a very wide range of motion and also for the hips to pivot side to side as well as forward and backward,” and each male doll stands at approximately 5’9″ with a 28″ waist (someone’s been working out).

As you’ve probably imagined, these dolls aren’t cheap: The base price for a “basic male doll” starts at $5,900, but that’s before one “customizes” their creation. The company can create a custom body for $25,000, a custom head for $4,000, freckles for $50, custom eyes at $300, custom teeth for $150, tan lines for $250, tattoos for $150, a built-in heater for $300, and body hair for $75. There’s even a personal shopper service for your doll, starting at $200, that will dress your creation so you can strip him off upon arrival.

And speaking of shipping, it’ll cost you $550 to get that bad boy sent anywhere in the U.S. There’s currently a 14-18 week wait time for the male dolls, and you’ll have to shell out a $2,000 deposit before they’ll start to create your man.

Check out their website for a lot more images that we can’t show here. Poor Ken, of Barbie doll fame, just doesn’t cut it anymore!