Chris Christie Is Driving Everybody Crazy With This Cowboys Thing

Hugs Jerry Jones in a playoff victory, and Todd Christie comes to his defense.

Well, Chris Christie really means it when he says he’s a Cowboys fan. Here he is Sunday, celebrating the team’s playoff victory with owner Jerry Jones:

That generated a fair amount of, er, comment on social media:

The result? Todd Christie came to his brother’s defense:

ABC News:

At this point, Christie is considered a good luck charm for the Cowboys – the team is 4-0 when he is in attendance, according to the Dallas Morning News. And he expects to keep on attending the team’s playoff games. The Cowboys next play Sunday against the Green Bay Packers.

“This is really exciting stuff,” Christie told the Dallas Morning News following Sunday’s game. “We’ve had a few tough years behind us with the end of the season coming too quick, so for a Cowboys fan this is great stuff. I can’t wait until next week.”

What hath Jim Kenney wrought?