45 Best Philadelphia Local News Screenshots of 2014

From the Phillie Phanatic scaring Marc Summers on Good Day Philadelphia to the end of porn, these were the best local news screenshots of the past year.

last-name-means-snow copy

Philadelphia has a lot of television news. Several local stations produce hours and hours of local television content every day. Sometimes — often! — Philadelphia local news is my favorite show on television.

It’s also often the funniest show on television, and over the past year I’ve kept a note of some of my favorite moments on the Philadelphia news. I went back and found 45 of my favorite Philadelphia local news screengrabs of 2014. The one at the top is my favorite, and I believe sums up the winter of 2014 well: It snowed so much NBC 10 resorted to taking the angle of interview someone whose last name means “snow.”


threat-llws copy

shirtless-arsonist copy

sexy-young-lady copy

septa-bus2 copy

princess-jasmine-cat copy



pope-nutter-jersey-1 copy

pole-dancer copy

philanthropist-psu copy

pete-rosemlblegend copy

phanatic-2-kacie-2 copy

phanatic-4-summers copy

parade-1 copy

parade2 copy

bees-cbs3 copy

bear-stuck-cbs3 copy

matt-paddington-6abc copy

mascot-regatta copy

former-flyers-stanley-cup copy

good-day-fox copy

fox29-frisky copy

gender-gap copy

lacrosse-drugs copy

football-after copy

6abc-power copy

fansince09 copy

facing-the-music copy

end-of-porn copy

drinkable-sunscreen copy

distraction copy

cheese-fox29 copy

cheese-fox29 copy2

cheese-fox29 copy3

desean-ipod-1 copy

dancing-danger copy

cute-aggression copy

breasts-6abc copy

beth copy

amish-cop copy

quest-love copy

questlove-fantasy copy

questlove-fantasy copy2

balloon copy