Scenes: Temple Fans Storm Court After Upset Win

After riding the subway to the game at the Wells Fargo Center last night, Temple routed No. 10 Kansas last night. Students had a good time afterward.

Last night, Temple — ranked 110th in the country pregame by my favorite college basketball rating system — jumped out to a big lead on Kansas and routed the Jayhawks, 77-52. It was Temple’s first win over Kansas in 19 years, and brought to mind Villanova’s rout of Kansas on the same South Philadelphia court almost 10 years ago. (It was the day before the NFC Championship Game the Eagles actually won, if you need to place it.)

And Temple rode the subway to the game — a cool tradition — as you can see above. While Fran Dunphy said he did it as a tribute to all the people over the years who have commuted to Temple on the Broad Street Subway, it’s also a good way to avoid rush hour traffic.

When Temple finished off its Jayhawks blowout, Temple students rushed the court. Looked pretty fun! Here’s a chronicle of all the jacked-up Temple students ESPN showed Monday night.

The announcers were very impressed at how quickly students were able to fill up the floor. I agree! This was, best I can tell, two seconds after the game ended.

Things escalated from there.

Eventually, the announcers interviewed Fran Dunphy, and there was a Temple fan on the phone behind him.

And fans continued to celebrate.

Including this fan, who did the shocker.

Fans took selfies in the crowd.

Other fans took mascot selfies.

And the phone guy was still there, chatting away on the phone behind Fran Dunphy.

Congrats on the quality court-storming, Temple fans!